After 1 year

What is the best way to measure our success in the Smile Brain Program? We have experimented with the Smile Brain Program for over a year. Thirty-six participants have joined it with joy.

Here are some happy comments from some participants:

I have felt overall good and physically energetic since I took part in this program!

This is the best experience I have ever had since I reached my 80’s. If I were not here, I would just be watching TV in my room and would be alone. I am very grateful to have joined the program here!

I sleep better and my blood pressure went down!

We went to the café and talked after the classroom. If I had not come here, I would have not known such a nice cafe!

“I noticed that my attention and focus improved. I got the fog off my brain, so now I can remember things more easily. I also enjoy coming here every week and making new friends!”

Our facilitators have a few things to say too:

It is always rewarding to work with participants. We can see the participants getting to know each other and becoming friends. They speak more and look happier together in the classroom.”

I always wanted to increase happiness in people. Even when little, I wanted to aim for a society without dementia.”

With such thoughts, West Coast Healthy Memory Society facilitators practice their leadership every day.