Smile Brain Program

~Creating a place to gather and laugh together~

The Smile Brain Program is a 12 week, 90-minute brain exercise program consisting of reading out loud, simple arithmetic calculation, physical and cognitive exercises, and at the end, a group conversation. The program is aimed at seniors ages 60 and up who want to reduce their risk of dementia and symptoms such as forgetfulness and confusion.

How does the program work?

There are different locations (Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey) where the program is facilitated and meet once a week.

At the moment, because of safety and health, we have transferred our program online, on Zoom. The way the program is lead is similar, but not broken into specific groups.

The whole group begins with their dynamic, physical, and cognitive exercises in the large group lead by the facilitators.

Then groups are split into smaller groups of 2 or 3 people assisted by a facilitator and start with the rest of the activities: reading out loud and simple arithmetic calculations.

Once everyone’s done, the group would all come together, play a game, and then have a ‘tea party,’ where they can snack, drink tea, and talk and make friends with the whole group.

Sounds fun right?

What will be gained from this program?

  • Seniors will continue and increase their memory and recognition by learning new things, solving simple arithmetic calculations, and participating in other exercises
  • Regain self-confidence by setting goals and challenging themselves
  • Opening and making social connections with facilitators and fellow participants

Staying mentally alert and maintaining cognitive functions are the keys to your future. There is a growing amount of evidence suggesting that not just exercising, but also keeping your brain moving will help to improve your cognitive functions (such as memory, processing speed, executing tasks) and a higher chance of preventing dementia.

The Canadian population with dementia is estimated to double a little over from a decade from now, affecting almost one out of three seniors over the age of 65. Moreover, the care cost is detrimental to many families ($287,000/person over the last 5 years of life in the USA).

Let’s activate your brain!

Limited spaces are available.

Contact us for more information and our program dates.