Smile Brain Program

The 12 weeks, 90 min program will help to increase senior’s memory, self-confidence, and social connection with others.

The Smile Brain program is:

  1. a way to bring people together = assurance, strength, and networking
  2. entertaining = fun and exciting
  3. helping to stay mentally sharp = challenges and goals
  4. a place to feel attachment = sense of security and empathy (understanding)
  5. to make connection = bonding, interaction, and friendship
  6. aiming for both parties (Facilitators and Participants)’s needs:

Facilitators – wanting to give guidance, help and companionship

Participants – wanting to challenge themselves, comfort, and connection

Ageing is a part of our growth through life.  If we stay together, connect, celebrate our growth and development, we can increase the chances to stay mentally alert and worry-free. 

Our end goal at each session is to have lots of laughter and smiles and to go home with comfort and a peaceful mind