Complimenting is amazing for the brain

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Have you ever gotten a compliment from a stranger? Even just a smile or a nice gesture? How did you feel? Do you still remember it to this day?

Compliments are so powerful.

They radiate so much positivity and love, even just from a random stranger. Just one smile, one word, or one compliment can make someone’s full day, even a lifetime. Sourced from the article “Why Compliments Are Amazing For Your Brain – And The World”, Kwik Learning says some may say it even “feels a lot like receiving money or even a reward.”

Recent research in neuroscience has also shown receiving praise and compliments activates the ventral striatum and the ventral medial prefrontal cortex. It releases neurotransmitter Dopamine; in other words, is what boots our mood. It’s what makes us happy and excited rather than sad and depressed (Kwik Learning, 2019).

Another study has shown complimenting helps up improve our long term memory.

Really? How?

In the article, “The Art of the Compliment” Hara Estroff Marano explains researchers suggest that “when praised after learning a new skill, it affects the part of your brain that is responsible for building long-term memory that goes on during our deep sleep.” Our brain associates with our habits. When praised for newly learned material, we tend to remember it a lot better.

Many humans, when complimented or praised, reverse it into negative comments about themselves. We all need to learn and practice more about accepting and praising ourselves for our achievements and successes.

Although, people have to be careful by not forcing or faking praises. They have to be sincere as sometimes when praised too much, it may sound less the opposite. It also can reverse the release of neurotransmitter Dopamine, making people feel not-worthy or trusted.

Praising and complimenting helps focus on the positives rather than the negatives. It may help make your life gain a more positive outlook.

Have you complimented someone today?

You might make their day.

Show your kindness and positivity!

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